Construction of the new pods in Building 4 will continue next week as we finalize the fire alarm systems. These pods cannot be used until Provo City construction has approved them. Once they’re approved, we’ll have a ribbon-cutting party!


Purchase a Noorda-COM Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt. Orders must be placed by October 8.

Nominate a classmate for a class officer position. Votes are due by Wednesday, October 5. [Officer Duties]

Understand your digital strain. Take this anonymous survey to understand more about the effects of computer vision syndrome.


Learn how to submit applications for Institutional Review Board research approval. Bring your lunch to Building 1 on October 19 at noon for an info session about the IRB; a Teams link will be available, too. 

Join Elion House for Journal Club. The next club meeting will be held on Monday, October 24, at 5 p.m. in Building 1’s lecture hall. 


Sign up for a 10-minute Q&A with Clinical Affairs. Office hours are changing to “Clin Ed Q&A.” These quick, 10-minute sessions can answer your questions about networking, application strategies; match data trends, residencies, 3rd/4th year rotations, and more. [Sign Up]

Thank you, Johnny Reynolds, for turning on Opthalmology page notifications and “liking” contributions. Please stop by during office hours to claim your prize!


Second year is stressful with a lot of material, exams, labs, and scribing to fit in. Please remember the basics. Set your schedule. Control your time, don’t let your time control you. Please visit Learning Services if you need help with scheduling, fitting in content, or exam prep. They would love to assist you!

These “posts” are a landing page for Noorda-COM student emails. Questions? Contact Jenna Knaupp.

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