OMS II review schedule for Thursday, September 1:

Dr. Kriak: 8–9:30a

Dr. Atluri: 9:30–10:20a

Bathroom break: 10:20–10:30a

CEPA: 10:30–11a

Exam prep: 11a–12p


Craft your own IPE adventure. Your Interprofessional Education assignment for the semester is to attend a “DO2025”-labeled event. [Options] Plan ahead now – you can attend as many as you’d like, but you must attend at least one event before the end of the semester.


Your LCM group needs to communicate through Team, not text. Coordinators can’t help when you have a separate group chat, switch to Teams to get help faster. Also, if you’d like to give feedback on your LCM experience, please contact Dr. Drew. 

Finish your EXXAT profile. Please fill out all of your profile (Specialty Interests, Personal Statement, Emergency Contact, etc.) and watch for deadlines. (Your auto and health insurance must be uploaded by Thursday, September 1.) If your health insurance document is highlighted in red, that means your document wasn’t approved and is missing something. Reach out to with anything questions.

Know when and how to use your academic title (OMS-II). The AOA recommends that students refer to themselves as “Osteopathic Medical Students” (OMS), followed by their academic level in Roman numeral form. Students should use this title for all written communications (emails, letters, official social media communications). Correct verbalization of this title is “[year] medical student.” (“First-year medical student,” “fourth-year medical student,” etc.)

Faculty are not allowed to directly (medically) treat students. While faculty want to help students as much as possible, COCA’s accreditation policies prohibit them from treating students that they critique and grade.

Turn on notifications for your MAP and TRIP Teams channels. Clinical Affairs gives out prizes when you interact with these channels. (Kieran Allowitz, come to Clinical Affairs during office hours to claim your reward.)

Listen to the Road to Residency podcast. Preparing for residency doesn’t have to be an exhausting journey! Clinical Affairs’ new podcast has helpful (and quick) tips for navigating the road to residency. Stream episodes or download them to your phone/laptop for later listening. [Episodes]


New pods’ glass walls are being installed next week. After that, Facilities will finish HVAC, fire, and electrical work (in 2-3 weeks), and wait on furniture to be delivered (4-6 weeks). 

65% of the new academic building’s drywall is up. 30% of the building is painted, and the framing/installation of the first floor will be complete in the next few weeks. Mechanical and electrical features are being set up throughout the building, and glass installation will begin on the east side in a few weeks.


Postpone using UWorld. Save this Q-Bank for your dedicated Q-Bank and use it in January. In the meantime, use TruLearn (COMBank), Amboss, and Osmosis; Learning Services will reach out to students during late September – late November to discuss individual boards studying plans. 

Attend an upcoming tutoring session: 

Neuro exam review with tutors: Today; 12–1p

Endo exam review with tutors: T, Sept 13; 12–1p

One-on-one tutoring is also available; email Crissi or visit during tutoring drop-in sessions. Also, if you’re struggling to find Learning Services, they’re in Building 4, near Pod 3 (first floor). 

Tutors are available during the following times in Pod 3:

T, Aug 30; 11a–12p: Taylor Briggs

Th, Sept 1; 3–4p: Maria Avakova

T, Sept 6; 11a–12p; Davis Johnston

Th, Sept 8; 3–4p: Zoe Stauffer

These “posts” are a landing page for Noorda-COM student emails. Questions? Contact Jenna Knaupp.

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