As of today, August 15, your “Required Documents and Immunizations” on Exxat must be up to date. The only deadline that has been extended is for health insurance (it’s extended to September 1). 

There are answers to your questions. Clinical Affairs uses email and office hours to answer your questions on clinical experiences, residency applications, immunizations, and more.

Clinical Affairs office hours are every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1–2 p.m. in the main room of building 1. 

For questions about…

  • Third/fourth year calendars, researching residencies, or application process(es) and items, visit during office hours
  • Clinicals (credentialing for research with an outside preceptor; rotations, specialty conferences, CiM, outside healthcare affiliations, etc.), email
  • Immunizations or EXXAT issues, email


Interprofessional speed-dating is mandatory. Please sign up for one of our “speed dating” interprofessional events on September 14 – it’s informative, and dinner will be served! 


Understand the anatomy of a typical exam question. Watch this video of Dr. Dougherty breaking down exam questions.

Take advantage of tutoring:

F, Aug 19; 12p: FOM tutoring w/ Dr. Nuebel [Details]

F, Aug 26; 12p: FOM tutoring w/ Dr. Nuebel [Details]

There’s also peer tutors. Beginning August 15, a peer tutor will be available outside of Pod 3 in Building 4 for drop-in sessions throughout the week. (Times and location are subject to change after cycle two.) 

Tutoring hours:

M, Aug 15: 9a–12p

Th, Aug 18: 1–4p

F, Aug 19: 1–4p

M, Aug 22: 1–4p

T, Aug 23: 9a–12p

W, Aug 24: 1–4p

Th, Aug 25: 1–4p

F, Aug 26: 1–4p


Get paid for enhancing patient care. The Summit Patient Care Innovation Contest is accepting poster submissions until August 31. Submit your idea (on elevating patient experiences) for a chance to win up to $10,000! Contact Dr. Bills immediately to register or ask questions.

Find your ideal faculty mentor. Faculty members will share 10 minute presentations on their current (or proposed) research areas on August 26. A mixer will follow the presentations, for students and faculty to discuss options, and students will fill out a survey on their mentor preferences. Questions? Contact Dr. Bills or Dr. Kriak


You shouldn’t need much supplies for the pods. All pods come equipped with a box of Kleenex, disinfectant wipes, a spray bottle, an eraser or erase cloth, and wet erase pens (in black, red, green, and blue). Contact Dana if your pod is missing supplies. 


Attend an upcoming activity:

F, Aug 19; 12:30p: Q&A with current MBA students [RSVP]

M, Aug 22; 12p: UVU MBA info session [RSVP]

W, Aug 24; 4:30p: Student Trivia Night in Building 1 [RSVP]

Explore the Wasatch Front. For $59/month, you can get unlimited access to UTA buses; Trax, and the Frontrunner. (You will be charged for the entire year upfront, but it’s prorated for the first month you sign up.) The pass is good through June 30, 2023; contact Cary Beasley with questions. 

Recommend a friend. We’re hiring another Admissions Counselor, send them this link if you think they’d be a good fit for Noorda-COM. 

Reignite that New Year’s fitness resolution. Remember early January, when you (probably) decided to be healthier? Noorda-COM can help you meet that goal! We have an on-campus gym. To request access to the gym (in Building 2), bring your student badge to and complete a request form with Cary Beasley at the Building 4 front desk. Processing may take several weeks. 

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