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Alice Akunyili, MD
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Tanner Allgaier, MBA
Admissions Counselor

Kristen Anderson, MSW
Director of Admissions

Carlos Angulo, PhD
Faculty in Anatomy

Venkata Atluri, PhD
Faculty in Microbiology/Immunology

Parker Ballard
Anatomy Lab Manager

Reid Barker, MA
Director of Continuing Medical Education

Cary Beasley
Administrative Assistant

Sara Beaudry-Wiltse, MSS, ATC, LAT
Director of Interprofessional Education

Kyle Bills, DC, PhD
Associate Dean for Research

Jennifer Brown
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Kailey Caldwell
Student Affairs Coordinator

Patrice Carey, MS
Admissions Coordinator

Voicu Ciobanu, MD
Faculty in Pathology

Adam Cloe, PhD
Adam Cloe, PhD
Adjunct Faculty in Assessment

Megan Collyer, MPA

Administrative Assistant for Clinical Affairs

Denise Cordero
Human Resource Specialist

Michael Cosgrave, DO
Faculty in Clinical Sciences

Jay Danto, DO
Chair of Osteopathic Principles and Practices

Dominic Danzo
Multimedia Producer

Mark Dimond
Admissions Coordinator

Jamie Dougherty
Director of Student Activities

Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer

Lynsey Drew, DO, FAAFP
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs

Bradley Edgington, PhD
Clinical Sciences Faculty/Dir. Clinical Communication

Steven Embley, DO, MBA
Chair of Clinical Sciences

Doug Evans, AD
Director of Facility Operations

Karl Francis Jr., MD, FACS
Clinical Faculty, Director of Surgery

Cory Glines
Help Desk - Tier II

D. Bren Green, RN
Medical Clinic Manager

Susan Greger, MD
Susan Greger, MD
Adjunct Faculty in Assessment

Kenneth Griffin, MD
Clinical Faculty - Neurology

Ashley Hansen, MS
Director of Learning Services

Steven Harris, PhD
Faculty in Pharmacology

Sara Hicken, MBA
Executive Assistant in the Office of the President

Tracy Hill, MD
Clinical Faculty / Director of Professionalism & Ethics

Casey Himmelsbach, MBA, MSML
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Daniel Hoyt, M.Sc.
Medical Simulation Specialist

Pramod Jasti, PhD
Assessment Coordinator

Victor Jimenez, Jr. PhD
Faculty in Microbiology/Immunology

Tipsuda Junsanto-Bahri, MD, FCAP
Faculty in Pathology

John A. Kriak, Pharm.D.
Faculty in Pharmacology/Research

Alexa Levine, MA
Executive Director

Michael Lieberman, PhD
Michael Lieberman, PhD
Adjunct Faculty in Assessment

Randy Lundell, DO
Clinical Faculty/Table Trainer in OPP

Michael Malmgren, MBA, MAcc
Financial Controller

Leslie Manley, PhD
Director of Assessment

Rheanne Maravelas, MD
Rheanne Maravelas, MD
Adjunct Faculty in Assessment

Hawkins Mecham, DO
Faculty in Osteopathic Principles and Practice

Patrick Murphy, CHSOS
Director of Operations in Medical Simulation

Esther Nuebel, PhD, MS
Faculty in Biochemistry

Ryder Olsen, DO
Faculty in Clinical Teaching / Director of Military Tract

Rebecca Ortinez, MBA
Project Manager in Technology Operations

MindyLee Parks
Staff Accountant

Robert Patterson, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Faculty Instructor in Anatomy

Andrew Payne, PhD
Faculty in Physiology

Matthew Pitcher, DO
Clinical Faculty in Psychiatry

Analane Powell
Administrative Assistant - Academic Affairs

Robin Preston, PhD
Faculty in Physiology / Assessment

Steve Prinster, PhD
Chair of Biomedical Sciences

Jorge Quintana, MSIS, MSISA
Director of Technology Operations

Kota Ramana, PhD
Faculty in Biochemistry

Melanie Reece
Administrative Assistant - Osteopathic Principles and Practice

Michael Rhodes, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Schyler Richards
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Kenneth Richardson, MD, PhD
Clinical Faculty - Pediatrics & Neonatology

Rex Ripplinger, MD
Faculty in Clinical Teaching

Alejandro Rojas-Sosa, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

M’Lindsey Romero, DO
Faculty in Osteopathic Principles and Practice

Mary Ruebush, PhD
Mary Ruebush, PhD
Adjunct Faculty in Assessment

David Sant, PhD
Staff Scientist

Darell Schmick, MLS, MBA, AHIP
Director of Library Services

Namealoha Sells, MD
Faculty in Clinical Teaching

Dave Sorensen, M.HRD, CPRP
Director of Human Resources

Crissi Stokes, MPH, RRT
Learning Specialist

Freda Strack, MS

Christina Twelves, MPA
Director of Financial Aid

Maria Vazquez-Amaral, JD, M.Ed
Assistant Dean for Medical Simulation

Kristy Watters
Administrative Assistant - Clinical Affairs

Sarah Worlton
Curriculum Coordinator

Norman Wright, PhD
Ex Officio Board Member, Interim President

Andy Yorgason, DO
Clinical Faculty/Table Trainer in OPP