The Office of Graduate Medical Education support our residents’ professional growth and well-being, oversees and administers the sponsoring institutions Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited programs to ensure compliance with ACGME requirements.

The Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine submitted an application to the ACGME to become a sponsoring institution in May 2023. We will learn about our accreditation status in October 2023.

This webpage contains resources and information to support you during residency, such as self-screening tools, access to well-being resources, an online confidential reporting system, and institutional policies.

Your wellness is our top priority.

At Noorda-COM, physician wellness is paramount because you are valued and irreplaceable! We are committed to supporting your well-being so you stay physically and mentally well, find meaning in your work, and thrive.

Our commitment includes providing residents free and confidential counseling services to promote well-being, reduce clinician burnout, and support their mental health. You can confidentially schedule counseling appointments at your convenience. We have also created an online process where you can confidentially report concerns that affect the quality of the clinical learning and work environment.

Resident Resources

We offer several categories of emotional and mental health resources to residents:

Screening Tools

Screenings for general behavioral health, depression, and more.

Professional Support

Free therapy, UPHP’s substance disorders program, and more.

Coping Tools

Exercises to manage stress, increase gratitude habits, and more.

List of Resources

Crisis resources, recommendations for self-care apps, podcasts, etc.

Crisis Resources

Call or text lines for immediate help.


Sponsoring Institution Policies

Contact Office of Graduate Medical Education

Sondra Jepson, DHSc, MSW, C-TAGME
Assistant Dean and Designated Institutional Official