Internal Resources

Support resources aren’t the backup plan, they are the plan! There is a variety of assistance to help you keep flourishing, here’s a brief look:

Mental Health Help

Noorda-COM offers a variety of therapy and referral support services.

Board-Prep Resources

Noorda-COM provides many free tools to assist your pre-clinical years of board prep, including:

  • Osmosis
  • Amboss
  • USMLERx Bricks and associated question bank (Q-Max)
  • Peer and faculty tutors
  • Additional question banks, to be added during your second year

Wellness Department

Did you know that Noorda-COM requires students to complete one hour of wellness per week? This wellness curriculum also includes:

  • Sessions with a mental performance coach
  • Opportunities for interprofessional education
  • Several wellness activities throughout the semester (trail mix “make ‘n take” bars, cider and tea stations)

Peer Support

We pride ourselves in building a community of collaboration over competition, within individual cohorts and across the entire student body. There are many organizations across campus to help students find their community. Visit the Student Involvement page to learn more.

Academic Assistance

Our Learning Services team and Director of Academic Success are here to aid your academic journey. Together, they can offer:

  • Individual assessments to inform your studying, test-taking, or board-prep strategies
  • Personalized, weekly (or monthly) studying plans
  • Free, unlimited access to peer tutors

Emergency Support

If you’re in a tough spot, we have additional resources that may provide temporary assistance:

  • Gnome Noms: Backed by our Student Affairs team and generous donations of employees, Gnome Noms is an easy way to access simple support. From granola bars to toilet paper, Student Affairs keeps this area stocked year-round.
  • The Noorda Cares Fund: A fund students can apply for in the case of a variety of financial emergencies