"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Think back to the preceptor that influenced you the most; here is your chance to become like them! Share your knowledge and skills with students and help them apply classroom knowledge and concepts to real-world situations.

Current Preceptor Resources

Click anywhere below to access the following preceptor resources:

Library Resources

Access to Noorda Library for Clinical Preceptors. Dynamed, Amboss, Visual Dx, text books, etc.

W-9 & Direct Deposit Information

In order for your payment to be initiated, you must first turn in your student evaluation, fill out the W-9 tax form, and supply your direct deposit information.

Rotation Syllabi

Topics/links to guide students in their learning during the rotation and subject exam study.

Training Videos

Various lectures made specific for medical student preceptors. All videos are viewed and completed through the CE21 program.

Core Rotation Information

Helpful information for those preceptors that are taking our students for core rotations. (Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine)

Elective Rotation Information

For the specialist who is interested in taking Noorda students for an elective rotation.

Upcoming Events

No current upcoming events.

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Clinical Education Department

Lynsey Drew, DO Assistant Dean for Clinical Education
Pam Barney, MSRT, RRT, NPS, AE-C Administrative Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 385-380-3447   

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Preceptors are an important part of medical education, guiding our students on-site at the hospitals, while on rotation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for being a clinical preceptor?

  • Core Clerkships (Psych, OB/GYN, Surg, FM, Peds, IM): a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks. Each week should contain a minimum of 37.5 hours (combination of structured learning and supplementary materials). 
  • Elective Rotations: a minimum of 2-4 consecutive weeks. Each week should contain a minimum of 37.5 hours (combination of structured learning and supplementary materials). 

What if I’m not in clinic/hospital for 37.5 hours per week?

Students can rotate with a partner or fill a portion of their time with supplementary materials. 

Is there financial compensation?

  • Yes, there is financial compensation. Please email clined@noordacom.org for details. 
  • Compensation will not be distributed until the preceptor rotation/clerkship evaluation is completed. 

How does rank transfer from a previous institution?

This is done on a case-by-case basis. Please email clined@noordacom.org 

What resources are available to me as a preceptor?

  • Noorda Library resources 
  • Noorda CME (including preceptor training) 
  • Administrative support for rotation scheduling by our clinical coordinators. 

How does Noorda do rotation availability?

We have flexible rotation options, click here for more details. 

How far in advance can I schedule a Noorda student for a rotation?

We can take your availability at any time.  Please reach out to one of our coordinators. 

Can I have multiple students at a time?

Yes!  We love the idea of layered learning. 

Can students rotate with me and an advanced practitioner in my office?

Yes, but the student evaluation needs to be completed by the Board Certified Physician. 

How do I participate in the free CME program?

Be fully credentialed (Fill out Preceptor Credentialing Form) as a Noorda-COM preceptor. 

What is required from me as a preceptor?

It’s simple! Click here for more details.