Preceptor Benefits

Rotation Options

Pre-CORE & Post-CORE On-Campus Weeks

One week before and one week after rotations, students are on campus learning and reviewing content specific to your specialty.

Stagger Students Weekly

Students come to you one week after another. The benefit here is having multiple students that train each other and overlap for a longer amount of time.

Simultaneous Start

Choosing this option has students start and finish in your clinic at the same time. This model allows the students to learn from each other.

Final Week Onboard

Students in this option overlap by a week. This lets the initial student onboard the next, freeing up your time as a preceptor.

Consecutive Rotation

When students are in a consecutive rotation there is no overlap. The second student starts after the first one has completed their rotation.

Any Monday, Any Month

Students begin their 4 week rotation on any Monday of your choosing during the academic year.

Rank Advancement

1. Instructor Clinical Adjunct

2. Assistant Professor Clinical Adjunct

3. Associate Professor Clinical Adjunct

4. Professor Clinical Adjunct