Screening Tools

You can’t be a successful doctor if you neglect yourself. Use these screenings to conduct a “checkup” on your emotional and mental well-being. Screening results can help validate your current emotional state, while also encouraging you to seek out follow-up resources, like counseling via Noorda-COM contracted therapists. All screening results are confidential and anonymous.

Addiction and Substance Misuse

A screening for alcohol, opioid, or substance use.


A screening to measure feelings of worry and restlessness.


An assessments to detect symptoms of depression.

Physician Burnout

Screening for measuring potential levels of burnout.

Resident-specific Well-being

Med-Ed offers detailed well-being assessments to residents. These self-administered surveys can help you determine and track your well-being levels, as well as offer follow-up help.

Postpartum Depression

A screening tool for postnatal depression.