Family in Learning Environment Policy

Noorda-COM emphasizes the importance of a healthy work-life balance; however, families of students and employees are allowed in the learning environment for infrequent, brief visits (generally not longer than two hours) or to participate in family-related College programs and events. While visiting, families on campus are expected to behave with appropriate conduct, have respect for others, and adhere to the safety and security protocols. As an educational institution, we want to be mindful of others by limiting any disruptive behavior that may impact educational activities or the work environment. Children must always be monitored by their accompanying adult. Violations to this policy may result in security immediately escorting the family member off campus. The student or employee of the family member may be referred to the appropriate disciplinary committee.

This policy was reviewed and revised in March 2024. For assistance with policies and procedures, please contact Alexa Levine (