Social Media Policy for Noorda-COM Student Clubs and Interest Groups

Noorda-COM encourages participation in social media to facilitate internal and external communication and to strengthen the college’s impression and share its mission among target audiences. Social media, when used responsibly, enhances the connection with current and prospective students, parents, donors, faculty, staff, community leaders, and other key audiences.

The following policy serves as a guideline for student-run club social media platforms, to ensure professionality and to enhance the college’s reputation.


The Office of Institutional Advancement is the primary manager of all official social media accounts and has authority to create, manage, remove, or edit any content (or content interactions) on the official platforms. As part of this role, the Office of Institutional Advancement oversees student-run clubs and interest groups’ presence on social media.   

Student-run clubs and organizations wishing to establish an account for their club are required to submit a request form through the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Noorda-COM trusts that students will act appropriately online. If Noorda-COM decides a club’s post, Story, Reel, or any other social content piece needs to be changed or removed, club representatives will be contacted and provided an explanation for this decision. The Office of Institutional Advancement works in consultation with the Office of Student Affairs and other relevant leadership to determine if a club has violated policy and, as appropriate, enacts disciplinary measures.

Club social media accounts are not allowed to post content that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing on intellectual property rights, or invasive of privacy or otherwise injurious.

Club social media accounts are required to post, comment, or otherwise represent content that is clearly within the scope of their organization’s mission and purpose. Clubs cannot post content (Stories, comments, DMs, etc.) that reflects personal opinions. If a club member desires to make a personal commentary on a current event or topic, they must use their personal social media account.

All policies, procedures and guidelines regarding Noorda-COM trademarks, names, and symbols apply to social media sites. If a student club wants to use the Noorda-COM name or logo for their organization’s logo, they must receive prior approval from the Office of Institutional Advancement. The Office of Institutional Advancement can offer guidance about how to properly use names, logos, etc., and to resolve branding and copyright/trademark issues in these venues.



Involve Club Leadership in Posting

Consider creating a group chat for club leadership to discuss and approve posts, DMs, reposts, comments, or any other content on your club’s social media account. Getting a second, third, and even fourth opinion on social media posts is always helpful.

Think Twice Before Posting

Privacy does not exist in the realm of social media. Keep in mind the unintended consequences of comments, story replies, direct messages, or other communications being forwarded or copied. Search engines can show posts years after they are created. A good rule of thumb would be: if the comment would not be appropriate to be made at a conference or meeting, placed on a local billboard, or shared with a member of the media, consider whether it should be posted online. If questions arise whether something should be posted or commented on, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Strive for Accuracy

Get the facts straight before posting on social media. Review content for grammatical and spelling errors. This is especially important when posting on behalf of Noorda-COM in any capacity.

Accurately Represent Oneself, Be Honest and Maintain Civility

Be open and honest about one’s identity and relationship to Noorda-COM. Write in the first person. Verify facts before posting or commenting on content; do not make unsubstantiated claims. All statements of fact that are not personal, first-hand knowledge must include a reference/cite or source and provide links to sources, whenever possible. Do not initiate conflicts or display hostility. Do not comment or post content with inflammatory or defamatory language. Monitor emotions in order to respond to all comments with respect and dignity. When appropriate, provide accurate information if misinformation or falsehoods are posted.

Remember Your Audience

Be aware that a presence in the social media world is – or easily can be – made available to the public at large. This includes prospective students, current students, employers, colleagues, the media, and peers. Consider this before publishing to ensure the posting will not potentially alienate, harm, or provoke any groups.

Monitor the Sites

It is the responsibility of the Noorda-COM students who manage a social media site to regularly monitor for unacceptable behavior and to remove content that is inappropriate, offensive, or irrelevant. That responsibility will be made clear to the students as well as expectations for timing of their monitoring behavior. If a repeat offender is identified, appropriate steps must be taken to block that person from posting on the club’s or interest group’s profile.



Protect Confidential and Proprietary Information

Do not post confidential or proprietary information about Noorda-COM, its students, employees, or affiliated partners. All employees and students must follow the applicable federal and state laws and regulations, such as FERPA and HIPAA, and all Noorda-COM privacy and confidentiality policies.

Follow Proper Privacy Procedures in Posting Images

Posting of still pictures, video or audio of an individual or small group, where the person(s) can be readily identified, requires a written agreement or waiver by featured parties. This is especially important with external groups interacting with student clubs and organizations. (Email, text message, or other forms of tangible communication are acceptable.) In contrast, photos, videos or audio of large crowds or which do not show individual faces do not require a signed agreement or waiver.

Respect Copyright and Fair Use

When posting, be mindful of the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and of Noorda-COM.

Do not use Noorda-COM Logos for Endorsements

The use of the Noorda-COM logo or any other images or iconography on club social media profiles, mastheads, etc. must be approved by the Office of Institutional Advancement prior to its use. However, you may list your affiliation to Noorda-COM in your bio.

This policy was reviewed and revised in May 2024. For assistance with policies and procedures, please contact Alexa Levine (