2023-2027 Strategic Plan

To empower our students with the essential personal and professional skills needed to be competent, confident, and compassionate osteopathic physicians who are dedicated to meeting healthcare challenges within the communities they serve.

To become a leader in osteopathic medical education through innovative, progressive, and effective curricular offerings. We hope to instill values that embrace change, foster cultural awareness, diversity and ethical leadership, and inspire a servant’s heart towards caring for all people including the underserved.

GOAL 1 – Academic Success: Promote and Advance Academic Performance and Overall Student Success

Objective AS1: Utilize our unique pedagogical model to support overall student success.

  • 1 Retain and graduate students at or above the national average.
  • 2 Conduct and share research related to our unique pedagogical model to strengthen student outcomes at Noorda-COM and across the industry.

Objective AS2:  Position Noorda-COM to achieve and maintain specialized and regional accreditation.

  • 1 Implement regular external peer reviews as part of an academic and operational continuous improvement process and internally share findings.
  • 2 Create and utilize accreditation steering committees to monitor requirements, ensure internal processes and practices are compliant and to communicate with stakeholders.
  • 3 Improve communication strategies to strengthen relationships among the Noorda-COM community including students, employees, and community stakeholders.

Objective AS3:  Meet or exceed national average for COMLEX-USA (all levels) board pass rates.

  • 1 Identify and integrate opportunities for curricular improvement through benchmarking of student performance against national standardized exams.
  • 2 Maximize student time on task for core curricular content in support of academic success.


GOAL 2 – People Matter: Cultivate a Culture Where All People Can Flourish

Objective PM1:  Strengthen campus-wide environment for human flourishing.

  • 1 Develop Inclusion Office to maximize college, employee, and student success.
  • 2 Advance Noorda-COM’s initiatives aimed at resiliency and wellness of mind, body, and spirit for students, faculty, and staff.
  • 3 Establish an employee satisfaction team to promote whole person flourishing.

Objective PM2:  Enrich the lives of people in our community through mission-driven partnerships.

  • 1 Identify and develop partnerships within our community to promote physical and behavioral health wellness.
  • 2 Support alumni/ae to engage with Noorda-COM to address the healthcare needs of the communities they serve.
  • 3 Develop and implement a social mission strategic plan with College constituents.
  • 4 Develop meaningful elective content and workshops/seminars for students, practicing physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

GOAL 3 – Forward Acting: Pursue and Expand Tech-Forward, Disruptive, and Innovative Opportunities

Objective FA1:  Utilize technology to expand and enhance outreach efforts.

  • 1 Identify opportunities to develop rural and underserved community outreach.
  • 2 Identify and maximize impact of the College’s educational model in new environments

Objective FA2:  Partner with local stakeholders to understand and adapt to changing healthcare dynamics.

  • 1 Identify and engage local and regional partners in mutually beneficial undertakings such as research and healthcare innovation.
  • 2 Develop infrastructure to enhance campus interactions and research with clinical and other community partners.
  • 3 Enhance Noorda-COM brand awareness to expand partnerships and increase philanthropy.

Objective FA3:  Cultivate a culture of innovation and technology utilization in alignment with Noorda-COM mission and values.

  • 1 Elevate Noorda-COM’s research reputation.
  • 2 Develop pathway for faculty and students to create and launch advances in healthcare.
  • 3 Support infrastructure to advance innovation and technology adoption within the College.
  • 4 Provide ongoing professional development programing for faculty and staff on integration of new technologies that strengthen academic success and operational effectiveness.
  • 5 Collaborate with faculty, staff and external constituents in research and development of intellectual properties.