Transfer Admissions Policy

Students enrolled at a medical school accredited by the American Osteopathic Association Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (AOA-COCA) or the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) may be considered for transfer admission into the beginning of the second or third year of medical studies at Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine (Noorda-COM) upon completion of the equivalent level of medical education as currently structured at Noorda-COM and provided that a vacancy exists. The last two years of education must be completed at Noorda-COM. LCME-enrolled transfer students must successfully complete all OMM/OPP competencies before graduation from the COM. Transfer or admissions with advanced standing is at the discretion of the Dean.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Applicants who previously applied to Noorda-COM but were denied admission are not eligible for transfer.
  • Applicants must be in good academic standing at the medical school they are currently attending (or previously attended in the event of a withdrawal) and be eligible for continued enrollment or readmission.
  • Applicants who have been dismissed by another osteopathic medical school are not eligible for transfer.
  • Applicants must present a valid and compelling reason for transfer.
  • Applicants interested in transferring to Noorda-COM as a third-year medical student must have passed COMLEX Level 1.
  • Applicants from international institutions or other health professions programs are not eligible for transfer admission. Such individuals must apply through AACOMAS for admission as a first-year student.

Application Requirements

Students interested in transferring to Noorda-COM must submit the following items to the Office of Admissions for consideration by April 1:

  • Noorda-COM Transfer Interest Form and supporting documentation
  • A personal statement presenting valid and compelling reasons for admission by transfer
  • Unofficial transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities
  • Unofficial scores for all MCAT exams taken
  • Unofficial scores for all COMLEX exams taken (if applicable)
  • A copy of the catalog from the medical school at which the applicant is currently enrolled (or previously enrolled in the case of a withdrawal)
  • Any documentation, in addition to the catalog, which may be needed to demonstrate satisfactory completion of the equivalent curricular content at Noorda-COM, including course syllabi for courses in clinical skills, OPP, and OMM

Following a preliminary screening, invited transfer student applicants must submit the following for review by the Admissions Committee by May 1:

  • Noorda-COM secondary application, which includes attestation of meeting the Noorda-COM Minimum Technical Standards and submission of a short video response, two letters of recommendation (optional), and the secondary application fee
  • Supporting Documentation
    • A letter of evaluation and support from the Dean at the current/previous medical school
    • Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities
    • Official scores for all MCAT exams taken
    • Official scores for all COMLEX exams taken (if applicable)

This policy was reviewed and revised in March 2024. For assistance with policies and procedures, please contact Alexa Levine (