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Noorda-COM launches first “Kaufusi’s Keikis” health screening event at Timpanogos Elementary

Our students and faculty supervisors conducted the first Kaufusi’s Keikis health screening event on May 1 at Timpanogos Elementary School.

The primary benefactor of the 2023, and upcoming 2024 Provo Open, Kaufusi’s Keikis, is a preventative health program managed by Noorda-COM and named in honor of Mayor Kaufusi.

“Mayor Kaufusi’s personal experiences growing up in this community, where access to health screenings was lacking, along with her unwavering dedication to the well-being of Provo’s school children, made it clear that establishing this program as the Kaufusi’s Keikis Health Outreach Program was the right choice,” said Dr. Norman Wright, president of Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Kaufusi’s Keikis will continue to expand, offering free, optional health screenings to elementary-aged children in Provo, Utah. May first’s screenings included six stations for checking vital signs, conducting cardiopulmonary tests, neurological exams, scoliosis checks and basic dental and vision inspections.

Ram B., a first-year student at Noorda-COM, completes a blood pressure check on a Timpanogos Elementary child.

Student doctors and faculty were able to assess several hundred children and offer additional health support to parents. Regan Caldwell, the parent of a Timpanogos Elementary School child, shared her experience with us:

“One thing we love about living in Provo is the variety of little-to-no-cost activities and programs available to young families. And the Kaufusi’s Keikis event was one that did not disappoint! My daughter was absolutely thrilled to explore the emergency vehicles and meet the first responders. I was also amazed at the gentleness and fun-natured personalities of the students who administered the health screenings. All in all, everyone definitely made my daughter’s day!”

Timpanogos Elementary was chosen as the first school for health screenings because of its Title 1 status.

“Provo is more than just a college town. It has a diverse community and population and home to immigrants, people below the poverty line, and English-as-a-second-language speakers,” explained Dr. Namealoha Hekekia, clinical faculty lead on the Kaufusi’s Keikis program.  “In fact, seven out of thirteen of Provo’s elementary schools are Title 1 schools.”

Dr. Hekekia (far left), posing with three Noorda-COM students and a member of the Utah Valley Pediatrics team.

Title 1 schools are given Medicaid access, but Dr. Hekekia explained that the hope for Kaufusi’s Keikis is that it will be a supplementary program, giving parents direction for their child’s health and empowering them to navigate the healthcare system.

Kaufusi’s Keikis is made possible by donations of time and service, as well as private donations and sponsorship gifts, made to the Noorda-COM Foundation (an IRS-approved 501 (c)3 public charity). The Noorda-COM Foundation is also receiving annual support from the net proceeds of the Provo Advantage Pro-Ams, including the upcoming Provo Advantage Golf Tournament on June 24 and 25. Click here to contribute to Kaufusi’s Keikis through the Noorda-COM Foundation. Or, learn more about sponsorships available through the Provo Advantage below.