Noorda-COM faculty, students, and staff are more than their job title or student status. They’re also parents, novelists; professional athletes–and the list goes on! That’s why we created “Get to Gnome Me”: to spotlight our campus members’ personalities, achievements, and lives beyond Noorda-COM. Today we’re spotlighting Roshni J., an (almost) fourth-year who loves spending time with her cat Oliver, cooking, and trying new foods.

If you scroll through my camera roll, you’ll find… my cat Oliver! He’s my pride and joy, and far more
photogenic than I am.

My favorite thing about third-year rotations has been… engaging with patients! I love talking through different diagnoses and preventative measures with patients so they can take on an active role in developing their care plan and feel empowered to lead healthier lives.

My mom has had the greatest impact on my life. I’d be lost without her sacrifices and endless

A physician I admire is… Dr. Hekekia. She was one of the first faculty members I met at Noorda COM
and she even cooked the tastiest meal for us during our first semester! It has been so wonderful to have such a warm and talented female physician to turn to for advice through medical school and I’ll be forever grateful for her guidance.

Currently, I’m looking forward to… away rotations. I’m excited about the opportunity to explore a new
city for a while and interact with different patient populations–but I’m equally excited to try out
new places to eat!

I find life meaningful when… I get to visit my family and friends. Med school has been challenging and
spending time with my support system has definitely helped get me through the more rockier bits.

My favorite place on-campus is… the pods! The view of the mountains is the perfect study backdrop–they’re quite calming after a tough uWorld block.

My go-to wellness activity is… a good post-dinner walk. I love grabbing a good bite to eat and then
going on an evening stroll to stave off the food coma and get some steps in. Walking by the lake or
on a trail in the canyon are probably my go-to’s!